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The Seagull Watch Co. is dedicated to providing customers with authentic Seagull watches, directly sourced from Tianjin, China. While we initially began our sales exclusively through Alibaba, we have since expanded to offer our products through our own dedicated watch store. As demand for our watches grew, we recognized the importance of creating a streamlined and customer-friendly shopping experience. With our new website, customers can easily browse and purchase our range of Seagull watches, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are receiving authentic products.

About Our A


Our products are directly sourced from the Seagull watch factory, to ensure that our customers receive authentic and high-quality products. We can keep our prices competitive while providing peace of mind that our products are genuine. Additionally, we provide a guarantee card with each purchase to give our customers further assurance of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With this guarantee card, customers can rest assured that their purchase is protected against any manufacturing defects or faults.


In addition to our direct sourcing and guarantee card, we also take great care to provide our customers with authentic packaging for our products. This includes branded boxes, cases, and user manuals, all of which are provided by the watch manufacturer. This attention to detail ensures that our customers receive the complete package and can be confident in the authenticity of their purchase. We believe that our customers deserve the best possible experience when purchasing a watch from us, and our commitment to authentic packaging is just one way that we deliver on this promise.

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