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Our Story



The Chinese government launched a national project in the early stages of 1955, with the aim of establishing a watchmaking industry in the northern part of the country. A small group of individuals, working in a modest workshop with limited equipment, embarked on the task of creating China's inaugural wristwatch. The outcome was the Wuxing (Five Stars), a simple watch that was completely handcrafted and was only produced in very limited quantities, reaching completion on the 24th of March that year.

Several years later, the Sea-Gull Watch Group, which is commonly referred to as "Seagull," was founded in Tianjin, a metropolis of 15 million people. Initially established as the Wuyi Watch Factory in 1958, the company later became known as the Tianjin Watch Factory after relocating in 1962.


It began producing numerous mechanical and electronic movements and currently stands as China's biggest industrial watch and movement manufacturer.

The ST5 movement, which was exclusively designed and created within mainland China, was produced in 1965, marking a significant milestone.

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